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Hotel For Groups Blackpool: The Wellington (Weekend) Party Hotel
During weekends we are open as a stag and hen hotel, providing an amazing party experience.

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The Wellington is No 1 amongst Blackpool hotels for partying. We’re part of the party, not just somewhere to crash at the end of the night. That didn’t happen by accident. We understand the art of party – and we’re blazing a trail amongst party hotels in Blackpool.

Group Hotel Blackpool

Time was when partygoers could come to Blackpool and enjoy almost every single moment – with the exception of the hotel. They’re only coming to party – they’ll hardly be in their rooms’ seemed to be the general opinion. As a result Blackpool hotels that catered for stags and hens offered a pretty lame experience.

We never felt that was right. We never felt that was fair. We felt that everyone looking for hotels in Blackpool should be entitled to quality – no matter what they’re in town for. And let’s face it – if you’re in town celebrating something really special, surely you want more quality, not less, don’t you?

hen party hotel

The Wellington – party hotels in Blackpool can still be quality hotels in Blackpool. When we took on the Wellington we decided to do things differently. We started by asking a few tough questions.

Questions like these:

  • You’re coming for a party. Why shouldn’t you be able to expect more from hotels in Blackpool?
  • You’re looking for hotels in Blackpool for a wild party. But shouldn’t the hotel be a part of the party?
  • How come Blackpool hotels that welcome parties look like the last place on earth you’d actually want to party?
  • Why does the party have to stop?
  • What should all Blackpool hotels really be offering their partygoers?
  • At the Wellington we believe that your party weekend should be memorable for all the right reasons.
  • We believe it should be an awesome party from start to finish.
  • We believe you should be entitled to quality from the moment you arrive in town to the moment you leave.
  • And that means you should be entitled to expect as much quality from hotels in Blackpool as you do from any of the attractions.

The Wellington – part of the party

At The Wellington we make the hotel a part of the party. It’s not just somewhere to crash. It’s not somewhere to get away from. It’s a place to start and end the party in style. We want you to enjoy your time with us every bit as much as you enjoy the rest of Blackpool’s attractions.

We think that’s what makes us different from other Blackpool hotels that welcome parties.

perfect place for groups

We asked the tough questions. Then we did something about it:

  • What other Blackpool hotels can offer their stags and hens an en suite room every time?
  • What other Blackpool hotels offer a chill-out zone, a dancefloor, a beer garden, and games room?
  • What other Blackpool hotels offer you snacks or coffees whenever you want them?
  • And what other hotels in Blackpool offer their partygoers amazing drinks deals every night, and a VIP pass that can save you £££s (and so much more) off a host of pubs, clubs and eateries?

That’s the Wellington difference.
That’s why we’re No 1.
That’s why we think that when you’re looking for party hotels in Blackpool, you’ll choose The Wellington.

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